West Cork Fit Up | 14th Jul - 12th Aug 2022

Welcome to The West Cork Fit-up Theatre Festival 2022

After a challenging two years Fit-Up Festival is back with a full festival this year in West Cork! A programme of seven plays will be presented over nine venues. 

In 2009 Artistic Director Geoff Gould, Company Manager Jessica Finken and technician Shane Ward set off around West Cork in an old Renault 19 with the actor Joan Sheehy and four stage lamps and commenced a journey that would result in the revival of an old theatre tradition, the fit-ups. Since then, with the excellent support of Arts Officer, Ian McDonagh of Cork County Council and more recently The Arts Council, Blood in the Alley have presented and staged 42 productions of mostly new plays in 16 different locations in West Cork. While we are eternally grateful to the myriad of actors and technicians who have graced us with their talent the festival would not exist without the tremendous support we have received from our audience. For that, on our eleventh birth day, we thank you sincerely and hope that this year’s festival will provide you with as much enjoyment as previous years.

Established in 2009, the Fit-up Theatre Festival remit is to provide rural communities, where there is a lack of accessibility to professional theatre, an opportunity to sample some of the wealth and talent professional theatre has to offer.

There are currently Three Fit-up Theatre Festivals annually: the Blackwater Valley Fit-up Theatre Festival in late  January  early February; the West Waterford Fit-up Theatre Festival in May and the West Cork Fit-up Theatre Festival which runs during July and August.

The Fit-up Theatre Festival is based on the Fit-up’s of the 1950’s when professional theatre companies travelled to rural villages performing in make shift venues during the summer.

The Fit-up Theatre Festivals are a joint initiative between Blood in the Alley Theatre Productions, Cork County Council and the Arts Council.

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